Pamlico Pines is a beautiful site with a lot of potential.   Due to micro- management by the owners who pride themselves on it being a backwoods facility there is good chance that it will remain just that.  I have become discouraged by the fact that I seem to be living in a third world place called Pamlico County.  Education seems to have evaded this place as well as any semblance of civilization.  Culture here is limited to something you make yogurt with except in the town of Oriental.  There we actually encountered some folks who were able to carry on a conversation in the English language.  I have never before encountered anyone with less respect for ecology, wildlife, local health and safety regulations or for their fellow human beings.  I have to say that as far as I can see these people hold the record for prejudice, bigotry and ignorance. Needless to say I am miserable here and have decided to look for a home away from here.

Along with other promises they were to put a washer and dryer at the club. So far that hasn't happened.

Mike and I both grew up loving and respecting the outdoors.   We do not break wildlife laws and have a deep concern for the ecology.  We would like to see our great grandchildren be able to enjoy what we have always loved.

There is a pond on the premises which has been filled with upward of 600 fish.  There was a blue heron by the pond and we were asked to shoot it. The same went for the turtle that was in the pond as well as the cormorant and the water snake. They bragged about killing a king snake.  They think nothing of burning big tires, carpet and any other noxious waste they can find. Barney has on numerous occasions attempted to get Mike to  shoot deer out of season, and continued to try to get him to shoot a doe during fawning season.  He burned the woods when all the animals and birds were nesting. Next he wanted Mike to go net fishing illegally.  He openly brags about being caught shooting deer at night out of season and catching far more than the legal limit of fish. He tells tales of wildlife catching him and confiscating his nets. For me the crowning glory was when he asked if we heard him shooting one evening and proceeded to tell us that he shot and wounded a cat in the tree so the cat would fall and his dog could tear it apart.  I don't particularly like cats but this sickened me.

I must say that the grounds would be beautiful if it were not for the huge collection of trash and rusting, debilitated farm equipment. What should be a tranquil place on the weekends is often interrupted by tractors, lawnmowers and various other equipment. 

Then there is the problem of Barney renting cabins for lovers trysts, bringing in his friends unannounced to look at the naked people.   There is a list of rules that are not followed or enforced.  Single men are plentiful despite the limitations in the rule book.

He openly brags about cheating on the septic systems,   One cabin has a 55 gallon drum as a septic tank. There is a drain in the kitchen that goes out to a ditch that eventually goes to the wetlands and the river.

If you try to tell him anything about these problems and infractions he puffs up and screams NO_NO_NO_ you are wrong!!!!! This is my ___________property and I will do what I want ! !  Lots of things get started but nothing ever gets finished. Events are planned and announced then never take place.

Despite health rules about animals in the pool area and food areas his dog continues to have full reign of the club although the rules state all dogs must be contained.

The rules also state that all fires must be in covered vessels this rule is not enforced.  He tried to get Mike to burn the tires and when Mike refused he buried them in the woods.

The well on the property that supplies drinking and bathing water has never been tested for safety, yet he states the water is safe. I have hauled water from the grocery store the entire time we have been here.

I do not take exception to anyone that has more knowledge than I do, however I have given up trying to explain anything or even try to communicate with either of them because no matter what the subject they know more than I do.

Things have finally come to a head and I have been labeled as a sarcastic smart alec that does nothing.  I raked till I could rake no more to get the pine needles away from the campers to decrease the fire risk.   I weeded every flower bed in the campgrounds and picked up trash all over the grounds. I swept and mopped the club house and bathrooms every weekend and before the day was over Barney had trash all over the clubhouse and had tracked enough mud in to plant a garden. I made curtains for the clubhouse and painted and redecorated the bathroom. I had no sooner cleaned all the junk out of the office and spent several days cleaning it than Barney turned it into a junk room. The ponds and gardens I worked so hard on were full of grass every time he mowed.  The outdoor showers were the same thing, but I was supposed to just go sweep and mop again. The bathrooms were cleaned every Monday morning,the garbage and trash gathered to be taken to the dump. The sheets were changed every time the cabins were rented and the cabins swept and mopped. Since we were getting free lot rent I figured it out and based on a forty hour week Mike and I were being compensated at the rate of 25 cents an hour!!!!!   Ann spent no more than three hours a week at the club although the agreement was that she would be there to help.

I see that one of the major problems is the owners of this club cannot resist gossip and backbiting.  If a single male comes in he is either a pervert or gay. There is always someone stealing toilet paper, cokes and beer (which by the way he has no license to sell).  Couples are almost always swingers. Single women are floozies and if two come together they are lesbians. Some one is always taking advantage of them.  One week someone is the lowest form on earth and the next week they are Barney and Anne's best friends. I truly believe that if people realized how badly they are cut down behind their backs and how much of their personal business is discussed no one would be out there. I must give the two of them credit or being the two rudest, backstabbing, uncouth people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Another problem is the inability to comprehend anything they read or is said to them. Because AANR classified the club as being composed of lower middle class people (referring to financial status based on where they live, what they drive and the activities they participate in) Anne fumed that AANR had called us all low class.

Finally in my opinion, neither of them are nudists. I have my own opinions of what they actually are but I will keep them to myself. I will say however that based on the comments and actions of Barney it is my opinion that he has no respect for women and is one of the crudest men I have ever met.

So it is without regret that we are no longer affiliated with Pamlico Pines. We had looked forward to helping the club meet it's potential but sadly I doubt that will ever come to pass.  It will be amazing that it is still in existence next year. Actually I am so glad that we did not put a house close to them because I would rather live next to a salvage yard.

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